Getting Started (Creating & Launching A Campaign)


Choose Your Product
Click one of the CREATE HERE buttons. They are at the top and bottom of every page, and in the middle of the Home Page.
Select one of our four product categories (T-Shirts, Wall Art, Sublimation, Phone Cases) on the Choose Your Product page

Create Your Product
Under Style and Design on the right, you can refine your Product type until it's exactly what you want
Add text, upload your own images, use our clip-art, or combine all three methods to create a products.
You can change the color of apparel, and the color and formatting of fonts here.
You can also decide whether to print only on the front or back of your product, or both.

Set a Sales Goal
Since we are a crowdfunding site you will set a sales goal that you want your product to achieve.
On your Sales page (when you make your campaign available to customers), but there will be a notification of how close the campaign is to reaching the Sales Goal
Be very careful not to set your Sales Goal beyond what you will be able to reach. We will manufacture and ship most orders that reach our minimum item number requirements, but since we adjust your profit/sale up or down based on your projected sales (Sales Goal), if you set your Sales Goal too high and sell less than that then your profit/sale will be lower than you expected; and we won’t ship your items in the rare case where your too high Sales Goal would cause you to take a loss because the actual sales are so much lower.
Use the Sales Goal box or slider to set your Sales Goal
Add your Selling Price
Your can create additional campaigns with the same artwork here in any of our product categories

Add a Description
Enter the Title that your campaign will have on your Sales Page, the Tags that will help anyone searching our site to find your campaign, a Description of your product or campaign for your customers, choose How Long you want your campaign to last before it expires, and choose whether you want to create a Custom Url (web address) or use one that we randomly generate for you
You have the option to have the back of your item shown on your Sales Page
If you want have all items shipped to you rather than to your customers, you can select that here. This is useful if you want to distribute the items yourself. For example, you could be distributing the items from a brick and mortar store or at a special event, or maybe the items are for a family reunion or a fraternity/sorority party and you want to give them out in person, etc
Finally you will be required to affirm that your design does not infringe anyone’s copyright. Both Simbyl and our manufacturers scan for this, and copyright violations will force us to reject your campaigns

Start Your Campaign
Once you click Launch from the Add a Description page, you will be taken to the Campaign list on your My Account pages
Click on your campaign to be taken to your Sales Page
Copy and share your campaign link with your friends, customers, on social media or via any other method you wish
Be sure to share your referral code as well. When new customers sign up with your referral code, you will have the ability to share profits with Simbyl

You can find even more information about this process on our How To page which has a link at the top of your screen, in our How To Video on the How To page, and in our main site video on our Home Page