Set a Sales Goal (Designing a Product)


Since we are a crowdfunding site you will set a sales goal that you want your product to achieve.

On your Sales page (when you make your campaign available to customers), but there will be a notification of how close the campaign is to reaching the Sales Goal

Be very careful not to set your Sales Goal beyond what you will be able to reach. We will manufacture and ship most orders that reach our minimum item number requirements, but since we adjust your profit/sale up or down based on your projected sales (Sales Goal), if you set your Sales Goal too high and sell less than that then your profit/sale will be lower than you expected; and we won’t ship your items in the rare case where your too high Sales Goal would cause you to take a loss because the actual sales are so much lower.
Use the Sales Goal box or slider to set your Sales Goal

Add your Selling Price

Your can create additional campaigns with the same artwork here in any of our product categories

See our Getting Started or Add a Description FAQ, for the next step