Add a Description (Designing a Product)


Enter the Title that your campaign will have on your Sales Page, the Tags that will help anyone searching our site to find your campaign, a Description of your product or campaign for your customers, choose How Long you want your campaign to last before it expires, and choose whether you want to create a Custom Url (web address) or use one that we randomly generate for you

You have the option to have the back of your item shown on your Sales Page

If you want have all items shipped to you rather than to your customers, you can select that here. This is useful if you want to distribute the items yourself. For example, you could be distributing the items from a brick and mortar store or at a special event, or maybe the items are for a family reunion or a fraternity/sorority party and you want to give them out in person, etc

Finally you will be required to affirm that your design does not infringe anyone’s copyright. Both Simbyl and our manufacturers scan for this, and copyright violations will force us to reject your campaigns

See our Get Started or Start a Campaign FAQ, for the next step