Basic INFO

Missing Confirmation Email or Any Other Emails:

Please email us by clicking the link on the Help / FAQ page, or going to this link: more

Track An Order:

You can track any of your orders in two ways:

1. Go to Orders in your My Account menu and click View Detail for the relevant order. Look for “Track (Lookup) Numbe...Read more

Return and Refund Policy:

We want all of our customers to love everything that they design with or buy through Simbyl

If you have any issues that require a return or refund, let us know and w...Read more

Getting Started (Creating & Launching A Campaign):

Choose Your Product
Click one of the CREATE HERE buttons. They are at the top and bottom of every page, and in the middle of the Home Page.
Select one of our four...Read more

Contact Us:

The fastest way to reach us is by clicking pink chat box on the lower left hand of your screen. You can also call us at 1-800-474-6295 if you prefer to speak to someone. If you hav...Read more

Forgot Your Tracking Number:

If you’ve forgotten your tracking number you can either:

1. Log into your My Account pages, then click Orders and View Detail to find the Number.
2. Clic...Read more

How long to process an order:

Once a campaign has funded, it should take 3 - 8 business days for the products to be manufactured and 3 - 8 business days for the product to ship to you. So your order will arrive...Read more

How does the referral program work:

Please go click the Referral link at the top of this page or go to this link for an explanation:

The very short ...Read more

Creating a Profile:

Sign Up for, or log into your Simbyl Account, and click “My Profile” at this top of this screen. There you can upload a banner image and a profile picture. we recommend searchi...Read more

Simbyl Messaging Other Users:

When you are signed in, you can message other users by clicking the “Message Me” button on their profile or any of their Campaign Sales pages.

If someone mess...Read more

Following & Favoriting:

Simbyl allows you to favorite any artwork or campaigns so you can check on them later. You can also follow other users or have them follow you, so that its easier for you to see wh...Read more

How to Find Another User’s Profile Page:

Go to any the user’s campaigns or Collections (stores) and click their profile image. This will take you directly to their profile page.

You can also have them...Read more

Why is our apparel printing mostly limited to Screen-Printing:

Generally screen printing produces the best looking items, so even though it has its limitations (like the limited number of colors), we mostly stick to that. In some rare instance...Read more

What is Sublimation?:

Sublimation Printing allows our Designers to print in full color & on entire garments, rather than in a specific area. This, usually expensive, rare, and very eye catch process, ha...Read more

Sharing Your Referral Code:

Your customers will need to sign up at Simbyl to purchase your products. Its to your benefit to have them use your referral code when signing up so that you’ll be able to partici...Read more

What is Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Three groups work together: the project initiator who ...Read more

How Does Simbyl Work / What Can Simbyl Do?:

Simbyl allows you to design custom apparel, phone cases, and wall art without spending or risking any money. Also, you retain full ownership and rights to all of your designs.
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