Creator INFO

Updating Live Campaigns:

If you want to update a Campaign after it has launched, go to My Account, Campaigns, select the category (t-shirt, wall art etc), select the relevant campaign, then click the penci...Read more

Image upload errors / issues:

This is unlikely but if it does occur, just refresh your web browser once or twice to clear the issue

If that doesn’t work, then make sure you clear your cache and...Read more

Taxes and 1099’s:

Simbyl is required to file an IRS form 1099 for all Individual Creators who sell over $600 worth of products in a calendar year

Other types of entities, such as Corp...Read more

Choose Your Product (Designing a Product):

Click one of the START HERE buttons. They are at the top and bottom of every page, and in the middle of the Home Page.

Select one of our four product categories (T-S...Read more

Create Your Product (Designing a Product):

Under Style and Design on the right, you can refine your Product type until it's exactly what you want

Add text, upload your own images, use our clip-art, or combine...Read more

Set a Sales Goal (Designing a Product):

Since we are a crowdfunding site you will set a sales goal that you want your product to achieve.

On your Sales page (when you make your campaign available to custom...Read more

Add a Description (Designing a Product):

Enter the Title that your campaign will have on your Sales Page, the Tags that will help anyone searching our site to find your campaign, a Description of your product or campaign ...Read more

Sales Goal’s Effect on Profits:

Your projected Profit / Sale rises or falls based on how your Sales Goal, but your actual Profit / Sale will be lowered to a corrected level if you don not reach that Sales Goal.. ...Read more

Start a Campaign:

Once you click Launch from the Add a Description page, you will be taken to the Campaign list on your My Account pages

Click on your campaign to be taken to your Sal...Read more

Creating Your own Collections (stores):

With Simbyl, not only can you create individual campaigns, once you have at least three campaigns, you can create an entire Collection (store)!

This is a great way...Read more

What is Partnership & How Does It Work:

Partnership allows you to promote items for other Simbyl designers and to receive a small % of sales profits that are directly due to your promotion efforts

This can...Read more

Intellectual property:

When you create a product, you will be required to affirm that your design does not infringe anyone’s copyright. Both Simbyl and our manufacturers scan for this, and copyright vi...Read more

Custom vs Random URL’s:

Whenever you create a campaign or a Collection (store), you will be given a choice between creating a Custom Url (web address) or using one that we randomly generate for you
Read more

Using the Image Tools (Create Your Product page):

Under Style and Design on the right, you can refine your Product type until it's exactly what you want

Add text, upload your own images, use our clip-art, or combine...Read more

Linking Your Collection (Store) or Campaign to Your Website:

Once you create a Collection (store) or campaign you can link your own website in a many ways. Here are a few examples:

Embed or share links to your Simbyl pages...Read more

Customer Messages vs Simbyl Chat:

While Simbyl chat allows you to chat with other site users by clicking on the bubble next to My Profile at the top of the screen, Customer Messages allows you to send emails to you...Read more

Offering Promotions:

With Simbyl you can create promotional codes to give to your customers for sales, or contests, etc

Your Promotions can be in the form of $ or % discounts, or Free Sh...Read more

Saved and Draft Art:

If at any point while you are designing an item, you want to save your design to work on later, you can click the “Save Draft” button on the upper right side of the screen.
Read more

Getting Paid:

Viewing the Money in Your Simbyl Wallet:
At Simbyl, all of your money is kept safe and secure in your Simbyl Wallet until you’re ready to withdraw it.
In My Acc...Read more

Relaunching Campaigns:

You can 1 - manually choose to relaunch an expired campaign whenever you want to, OR 2 - have Simbyl automatically relaunch expired campaigns whenever enough users express interest...Read more

Switching Campaigns ON & OFF:

Go to My Account - Campaigns and select your product to see the ON / Off toggle

When a campaign is switched ON your product will be available to be purchased during ...Read more

How To Maximize, Boost, or Increase Your Sales:

Effectively Sell Your Items:

1. SHARE your campaign with your friends and followers on your Social Media sites.
This is the MOST IMPORTANT step! Pe...Read more

Do creators retain all rights to their designs and intellectual property:

Yes. Creators retains full ownership and rights to all of their creations and designs.

Simbyl's role is to help you by easing the process of financing, logistics, bu...Read more