Simbyl allows YOU to create & sell Art, Apparel, & Accessories with:
ZERO Hassle ZERO Upfront costs and ZERO risk!

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about How To use Simbyl.

Just below this passage you'll find a helpful and COMPREHENSIVE video all about Simbyl and how to make our site work for you. Click on any topic on the left to be taken to a description of that topic as well as a link to a short, helpful, walkthrough video. If you need any more information, check out our FAQ's, linked at the bottom of every page, or go to this link and shoot us an email:

Happy Simbly'ing!

A1. Create Here: Choose Your Product

After you click one of the CREATE HERE buttons (they are at the top and bottom of every page, and in the middle of the Home Page), select one of our four product categories (T-Shirts, Wall Art, Sublimation, Phone Cases).


A2. Create Your Product

Under Style and Design on the right, you can refine your Product type until it's exactly what you want. On the right,you can add text, upload your own images, use our clip-art, or combine all three methods to create products. You can change the color of apparel, as well as the color and formatting of fonts. Decide whether to print only on the front or back of your product, or both, by clicking the thumbnails beneath the main image. The thumbnails at the bottom of the page will allow you to switch to any of our product types.


A3. Sublimation

Sublimation Printing allows our Designers to print in full color & on entire garments, rather than in a specific area. This, usually expensive, rare, and very eye catch process, has been made available and affordable to everyone creating products at Simbyl!


A4. Set A Sales Goal

Set a sales goal that you want your product to achieve. Use the Sales Goal box or slider to set your Sales Goal. Add your Selling Price. You can also create additional campaigns with the same artwork here, in any of our product categories.

Be very careful not to set your Sales Goal beyond what you will be able to reach. We will manufacture and ship most orders that reach our minimum item number requirements, but since we adjust your profit/sale up or down based on your projected sales (Sales Goal), if you set your Sales Goal too high and sell less than that then your profit/sale will be lower than you expected; and we won’t ship your items in the rare case where your too high Sales Goal would cause you to take a loss because the actual sales are so much lower.


A5. Add a Description

Enter the Title that your campaign will have on your Sales Page, the Tags that will help anyone searching our site to find your campaign, a Description of your product or campaign for your customers, choose How Long you want your campaign to last before it expires, and choose whether you want to create a Custom Url (web address) or use one that we randomly generate for you.

You can choose to show the back of your item by default on your Sales Page, and if you want to have all items shipped to you rather than to your customers, you can select that here.

Finally you will be required to affirm that your design does not infringe anyone’s copyright. Both Simbyl and our manufacturers scan for this, and copyright violations will force us to reject your campaigns.


A6. Share & Promote Your Product

Once you click Launch from the Add a Description page, you will be taken to the Campaign list on your My Account pages. Click on your campaign thumbnail to be taken to your Sales Page. Copy and share your campaign’s web address link with your friends, customers, on social media or via any other method you wish.

Be sure to share your referral code as well. When new customers sign up with your referral code, you will have the ability to share profits with Simbyl.

B1. Referrals: How Does It Work

Please go click the Referral link at the top of this page or go to this link for a more detailed explanation:

The very short version is that when someone you refer to Simbyl runs a successful campaign, you make money. When the person you referred refers someone to Simbyl and that person runs a successful campaign, you also make money. And... when that third person refers someone to Simbyl, and this fourth person runs a successful campaign, you keep making money. Too bad your job isn’t this easy!

B2. Share Your Code

Your customers will need to sign up at Simbyl to purchase your products. Its to your benefit to have them use your referral code when signing up so that you’ll be able to participate in Simbyl Profit Sharing. To find your referral code, look under My Account - Referrals, and click “Know Your Code” to display the code and easily share it on social media; you can also go to any of your campaign Sales pages and click “Click here for my referral code” to display your code

You can share it via email, social media, encouraging people to get it on your Sales Page, or any other method that you like.

C1. Your Profile: Your Page

Sign Up for, or log into your Simbyl Account, and click “My Profile” at this top of this screen. There you can upload a banner image and a profile picture. We recommend searching for “banner images“ on a search engine to find something wide enough. You can also run an image search and when you see an image that you like, you can click on it to see the size. Click on the displayed size to see other available sizes.

Go into My Account - Settings, to enter your website address, and social media sites to be displayed on your profile, etc.

C2. Your Designs

From your main profile page, when you click any of your designs, you will be able to see a detailed view of the image as well as leave comments and interact with friends, followers, customers, and other Simbyl users.

When you click any of the detailed designs you will see a close-up of your item displayed on your chosen product, a size chart, and a counter reflecting time left in a current campaign.

C3. Chatting

When you are signed in, you can message other users by clicking the “Message Me” button on their profile or any of their Campaign Sales pages. When someone messages you, you will see a notification of the number of messages waiting in chat bubble beside My Profile at the top of this screen.

By clicking the chat bubble, and then a specific message, you can open a live chat window anywhere on the site. By clicking the chat bubble, and then See All Messages, you can see a searchable chat history and send attachments to chat partners.

D1. Manage Campaigns: Dashboard

In My Account - Campaigns, you can see all of the money that you have made in total and how much money you are currently able to withdraw from your Simbyl Wallet.

You can find your SAVED DRAFTS by going to My Account - Campaigns - Draft Art. If at any point while you are designing an item, you want to save your design to work on later, you can click the “Save Draft” button on the upper right side of the screen.

You can view ALL OF YOUR CAMPAIGNS by going to My Account - Campaigns - All Campaigns. Here you can see details of all of your campaigns; you can edit and end or restart campaigns, and you can run campaign searches over different time periods.

You can view your CAMPAIGNS, SORTED BY PRODUCT CATEGORY, by going to My Account - Campaigns - View All Campaigns. Here you can see details of campaigns under each of our relevant product categories (you must click the category name to see the products of that type); you can edit and end or restart campaigns, and you can run campaign searches over different time periods.

D2. Customer Messaging

Customer Messages allows you to send emails to your Campaign customers. When you send a Message, it will be sent to all buyers of the targeted campaign. Messages can be accessed from My Account - Messages.

D3. Customer Promotions

With Simbyl you can create promotional codes to give to your customers for sales, or contests, etc. Your Promotions can be in the form of $ or % discounts, or Free Shipping. The cost of your promotions will be deducted from your campaign’s profit margin, so be careful how you use them or you could make your campaign too unprofitable to fulfill. You can create Promotions from My Account - Promotions.

E1. Create a Collection (Store): Add Products

With Simbyl, not only can you create individual campaigns, once you have at least three campaigns, you can create an entire Store! This is a great way for you to target different types of designs and items to different customer groups. For example you could have a store with only t-shirts targeted towards your biker friends, a separate store with kids clothes targeted towards parents at the local school, and a third store with your Wall Art that you send to your artist friends! The possibilities are endless. To create a Store go to My Account - Your Stores and follow the instructions.

F1. Partners: Propose a Partnership

Partnership allows you to promote items for other Simbyl designers and to recieve a small % of sales profits that are directly due to your promotion efforts. This can also be great for someone who already has a large following and decides to promote campaigns that they like to make extra money, or great for someone who’s starting out and wants another way to promote their products, etc. Go to your Profile and click the My Partners tab for more explanation.

F2. Accept/Reject/Counter

To add a Partner, go to someone’s profile page and click Request Partnership. You will get an email notification of new partnership requests, and see the status of Partnership Requests at My Account - Partners. You can see your profits from Partnerships at My Account - Payouts - Partnership Payout.

G2. Search

Simbyl Search allows you to search for specific products or keywords by using the Search bar at the top left of the website.

G3. Browse Profiles

On Simbyl, you can use the following / followers tab to find and browse through group and communities of users that have designs you like. It's a great way to discover hidden gems!

H1. Get Paid: Simbyl Wallet

At Simbyl, all of your money is kept safe and secure in your Simbyl Wallet until you’re ready to withdraw it. Go to “My Account - Campaigns”, to see all of the money that you have made in total, and how much money you are currently able to withdraw from your Simbyl Wallet.

To withdraw money from your Simbyl Wallet, you will need to:
1 - Go to “My Account - Settings - Account Information”, and enter your email address to enable you to transfer money from your Simbyl account to a PayPal or Stripe account.
2 - Go to “My Account - Campaigns”, click “To Be Paid”, and enter the amount you want to withdraw in the box that pops up (you must withdraw at least $1)
3 - Your money will transfer to your PayPal or Stripe account within 3 business days
4 - You may make withdrawals from your Simbyl account once every 3 days

H2. PayPal & Stripe

In your PayPal or Stripe accounts, you will be able to see you Simbyl Wallet balance and to make withdrawals. Once you’ve requested a withdrawal, the money should be in your PayPal or Stripe account within 3 business days.

H3. Payouts

In My Account - Payouts, you can see all of the money that you have made from Campaigns or Partnerships.

H4. Referral Profits

In My Account - Referrals, you can see all of the money that you have made from Referrals.